Conference Report: Health 2.0 NYC Healthcare Kickstarter

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Health 2.0 NYC / Healthcare Kickstarter

New York, NYU Stern, 17 August 2011

Ed. Donna attended this three-hour event which was a ‘reverse pitch’-eight New York City-based early-stage financing people (and one provider/corporate venture) presented to an audience of nearly 200, including representatives of 80 startups. They represented an interesting cross-section of assistance and funding. Read all about it in Conference Reports.


  1. Milena Adamian


    Thanks for your coverage. Just a small clarification: LSAN does not claim to be the first angel group focused on the healthcare investments, we [u]are the first angel group in NYC investing in life sciences[/u]. In a relatively short, 9 mos of existence, we already funded 3 companies and there are at least 3 strong candidates until the end of this year.