CarelineUK: rebranding, rebuilding and recruiting

new products and to be even more active in expanding its customer base amongst councils and charities as well as other property management firms.

Agreeing that there is already much spare capacity in the UK’s call monitoring centres, Carl pointed out that there are not just straight efficiency gains to be made for small organisations by switching to outsourcing their monitoring services but that they had options such as retaining their valued local monitoring during the daytime and to outsource the night cover, which is much more difficult to manage and fund locally. An independent customer satisfaction survey conducted in January 2010 by The Research Factor found that 97% of customers rated their experience of CarelineUK as living up to, or exceeding, their expectations.

With other 80 staff currently, to handle its rapidly expanding monitoring operation the company recently recruited five new people and is looking to fill a further three roles. They started the process with a recruitment evening with 66 potential candidates from the local area. For the next round people were invited to one of CarelineUK’s call centres and went through a process of ice-breakers, teamwork exercises, one-to-one interviews, mock call scenarios, web-based assessments and psychometric profiling. Candidates were also able to tour the facilities. This process has cut the average time taken to recruit new staff by two weeks and the majority of candidates preferred it to a traditional interview.

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