Cardiocom 'demo' on local TV

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Ed. Donna, as a marketer by trade, could look at this very favorably, or think it’s a bit over the top into ‘infomercial’ territory. A local Michigan TV station covered the Cardiocom telehealth system in conjunction with an area home health company. The segment is unusually long and is set up as 1) an interview with Holland Home Health, which gained a lot of local exposure and 2) a demo with the 88 year old cardiac patient. Closeup of the Cardiocom system prompting questions (but not exactly cutting edge with all the plug-in devices and the readout), with the reporting sent to the home health agency. A reality note: the patient is shown struggling with the blood pressure cuff. It’s all a bit puffy, but it’s in Grand Rapids. And it’s what you can do in local markets.  WOOD-TV video clip.