Your Friday forecast: 'telemedicine' at $23 billion in 2015

Another Friday, yes, it’s another research study, this by BCC Research. Global ‘telemedicine’ (no, not video consults or conferencing, but what is more accurately termed telehealth) is projected to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 18.6% from 2010 thru the next five years to a $23 billion market in 2015. And here we have another term–the ‘telehome’ market, which one can only presume is the use of home-based health monitoring, they cite as 28.5% of the market in 2009 and expected to be nearly 35% and $7.9 billion in value, also by 2015.  You’ll need some of those billions for the study, because it will set you back $4,850.  Release. Link to purchase on website.