The council, the charity and the dementia service (UK)

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These days UK councils are being urged (and forced by financial constraints) to slim down and withdraw from providing services themselves. So what to do if you have a burning desire and the funding to introduce a new service, such as the provision of buddi devices for people with dementia? Buckinghamshire County Council found a solution that must be win-win all round: give the funding to a charity to run the service. Dementia service to be piloted by Bucks charity from Bucks Free Press. Disclosure: buddi has advertised on Telecare Aware


  1. Dorothea Sekhonyana

    In South Africa individuals with no income who cannot afford to be members of medical aid, do not have approppriate care if suffering from Dementia. I am looking for approppriate sponsorship in starting a state of the art service for individuals in South Afica, Free State Bloenfontein.