BrickHouse Alert continues dubious SERP practices

As raised in an item last month, I can’t understand why a respectable company like Brickhouse Alert thinks it is helpful to buy links from junk blogs, as they are continuing to do. The ‘bloggers’, throw up these items for a dollar or two – they put a link to the company’s site into what they hope looks like a genuine, spontaneous article. It doesn’t matter that the authors’ English is poor and that for two dollars they are not going to take long over the item. However, search engines like Google know what these blogs are and will eventually ban the legitimate sites of companies that use them from their search results. So it’s money extremely badly spent as it will hurt them in the end.

Here are two examples of several recent new ones:, (The links here will not help the sites as I’ve arranged it for the search engines not to follow them.)

Further, out of curiosity, I searched Google for ‘medical fall alarms mobile GPS’ which are key search terms for Brickhouse. Their own site was listed at 63, on the seventh page of search results – many of the earlier results being the junk blogs they had paid. That’s really smart business – pay junk blogs to harm your own search ranking results!

If they understand this implications of this, the owners of Brickhouse Alert will take action as soon as possible to stop this practice.