Boots pilots TeleMedCare telehealth equipment in stores (UK)

In this brief announcement in Chemist + Druggist UK, Boots announced a two-store (locations unavailable*) test of TeleMedCare’s telehealth and possibly telemedicine (remote consult) equipment. Based on the article, it would be part of ‘mini medical clinics’ within these two Boots stores. TeleMedCare is proceeding with this despite recent financial difficulties [now resolved] with Stirling Products in Australia taking a 65% controlling interest. Article. TeleMedCare website.

UPDATE: BBC News item fleshes out the story and has a photo with the equipment in use. *Milton Keynes and Nottingham.

3 thoughts on “Boots pilots TeleMedCare telehealth equipment in stores (UK)

  1. TeleMedCare Equipment in Boots Stores
    Seems a very interesting direction of Boots to trial the TeleMedCare products in 2 stores across the UK. Are there any professionals in the medical industry that are aware of TeleMedCare and have views on the likelihood of a successful relationship between both Boots and Stirling?

  2. Confusing approach?

    So we have a company that produces Telehealth monitoring units:
    1) these units appear rather too big to comfortably class as home equipment?
    2) they appear to be sending the data to a third party database rather than an existing clinical database well established with the NHS … surely we are looking to try and reduce distinct databases rather than creating more?
    3) it appears to rely on a touch screen only – so there are no tactile cues for visually impaired patients to use the service
    4) it is not clear whether the password and finger-print security features are for individual patients or for the clinicians – I hope the latter

    So the equipment itself leaves me asking questions as to its appropriateness but those are probably areas that could be ironed out through development.

    But then bizarrely, we are not looking at using it at home for individual patients to access … we are creating private wellbeing clinics in high street stores. Am I missing something here? For example are those with COPD going to be well enough to pop along to the high street every day/once a week/frequently and regularly?

    I agree the stores are offering a service and for those who wish to purchase the service and attend the store for wellbeing check ups I can see the appeal … but are we really accepting this as telehealth, telecare or telemedicine … as opposed to recognising it as an alternative (to NHS or other private health providers) clinic service?

  3. TeleMedCare
    Folks – contain your natural scepticism. Having just had the opportunity to review the whole telehealth market on behalf of a major care provider, I can tell you that TeleMedCare’s equipment is among the best out there and their clinical approach is sound. This is a company that will genuinely make healthcare better. Their product is suitable for home use – all of these products require some familiarisation. But it is accurate enough for use also in professional environments. COPD suggested should have these devices at home, but I’m sure that people who need these less often or whose PCTs don’t fund them will be grateful for the chance to use this new technology and become familiar with it.

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