Bioscience and Health Technology Database (UK)

According to the DH web page, “In response to an emerging need from the health technology and bioscience industry support organisations, the Department for Business (BERR) and the Department of Health (DH) commissioned a feasibility study in June 2008 on how to gather improved industry metrics for the medical technology and diagnostics (MedTech), medical biotechnology (MedBio) and industrial biotechnology (IndBio) sectors.

The feasibility study recommended drawing upon the knowledge of the industry’s own support organisations to create a core database which would contain company information, and to supplement this with the publication of an annual analysis and commentary of the information held. This database will be used to inform government policy and industry strategy and to benchmark the success of the UK sector. BERR, DH and UKTI are now co-funding the implementation stage of this project and have appointed CBSL to build and populate the database and produce the commentary.” [Nice work for CBSL*, but hasn’t DH heard of Google? Ah well, if you are a telecare or telehealth supplier, you may want to get yourself a listing in this database.]

* Presumably not the Carnival Band Secretaries League.