WellAWARE of watching grandma

Terrible headline, but reasonable article from zdnet. “From a technical standpoint, the offering features a proprietary wireless sensor array, a SaaS Care Engine that collects and analyzes data from the sensors, and screens for care givers’ mobile devices that offer alerts. Proprietary sensors were developed so that WellAWARE can run up to 6 months on a battery. Components running on the Zigbee standard are being evaluated, especially as the company prepares to look into active systems that might feature blood pressure or glucose monitoring.” Read it here.

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  1. Behavioral Telecare Lives!

    Finally some real competition in the residential behavioral telecare area. One can say that WellAWARE has come out of its corner swinging, after quietly redesigning Home Guardian, rebranding the name and placing it live. While there are operational similarities between other sensor based systems (like QuietCare and Healthsense), their business model is quite different as they have assured distribution channels via the two key partners (60 facilities is a LOT). It’s also smart in this recession to be proven and backed by leading non-profits, not a behemoth corporation or VC funding, and to keep the system straightforward (Healthsense’s drawback is that it is a ladder of multiple systems).

    With consideration of ZigBee low power comms and vital signs integration–there will be more to come from Charlottesville, I am sure.

    I did notice “facilities” rather than private homes–yet Good Sam and VOA are in home care?

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