AT&T ForHealth: stepping up their game?

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Recent moves at AT&T confirmed their increased focus on healthcare previewed at this year’s HIMSS [TA 2 March]. ┬áLast week they named Geeta Nayyar, M.D. as their Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO). She is on record as advocating mHealth and telehealth while in a similar position at information management company Vangent. On the retail side, they are including healthcare devices in their revamped stores. And AT&T has joined Siemens, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and others in the Accountable Care Community of Practice, setting standards for ACOs in data sharing and coordinating patient care. They continue to develop devices at AT&T Labs (the ‘smart slippers’). Despite the corporate distraction of the T-Mobile merger, the company is evidently seeing forward potential in healthcare. Sara Jackson in FierceMobileHealthcare brings together the spaghetti strands.