ACOs creating more problems than solved? (US)

“In theory, ACOs provide financial incentives to health care organizations to reduce costs and improve quality. In reality, given the complexity of the existing system, ACOs will not only fail; they will most likely exacerbate the very problems they set out to fix.” Rita Numerof, PhD. writing in CDHC Solutions (a website for corporate health and benefits managers), originally published on the Heritage Foundation’s website. In her estimation, ACOs fail on several counts: patients aren’t empowered to be stakeholders in care, don’t encourage provider accountability and create an unfair advantage for large organizations–as in ‘too big to fail’ and lack of real transparency. An even dimmer view than Vince Kuratitis took earlier this month on ACOs [TA 5 April] Why Accountable Care Organizations Won’t Deliver Better Health Care, Market Innovation Will

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  1. Patients can very easily be made stakeholders by having them use a Medical Savings Account for their financial participation. This aspect will have the greatest effect when the plan is offered by employers who can have the choice of the ACO that will deliver the best care most effectively and efficiently for their employees.

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