Mystery du jour: Pfizer, Acacia Living and their 'holistic technology solution'

Whizzing ’round the business, pharma and now senior living business sites (but not eHealth) was a recent announcement by pharma giant Pfizer and Acacia Living on ‘a strategic alliance to develop an innovative holistic technology solution [editor emphasis] dedicated to helping seniors age positively and independently.’  It’s described as ‘an at-home assisted living connectivity platform’ (?–is it for the home or assisted living?) which ‘is expected to support an expanding community of content, services, e-commerce transactions, social collaboration and engagement tools, as well as comprehensive financial, health and wellness decision-making and support tools.’  Sounds like everything a senior (or family) might need, and a blend of existing eHealth technology.  What’s curious is that Pfizer is creating a partnership at best distantly connected to their main business (unlike Novartis and Proteus Biomedical)–and that this editor [Donna] cannot find Acacia Living, described as a senior care and support services company, on the web. (The press release is Pfizer’s, none of the usual  partner info.)  What’s it all about, Acacia?  Pfizer release (Business Wire).

2 thoughts on “Mystery du jour: Pfizer, Acacia Living and their 'holistic technology solution'

  1. Acacia Living

    Acacia Living’s founder is Rick Slager

    Richard Slager is Vistacare’s CEO, Vistacare being the leading provider of hospice services in 14 states. Is it the same man?

  2. CEO name tracked
    Like Cristelle, I had tracked the CEO’s name to the same company (Vistacare). Vistacare was acquired by Odyssey Health Care and Richard Slager does not appear in management on the 2009 annual report. The mystery deepens….

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