'Abusive' 98-year-old evicted (UK)

A 98-year-old woman has been evicted from her sheltered accommodation after complaints she harassed neighbours…She was also accused of using her panic alarm 563 times in a month. BBC news story.

1 thought on “'Abusive' 98-year-old evicted (UK)

  1. Where’s the “sheltering” here?

    Mrs. Plaisted is being evicted by the town council as a harasser and “anti-social”, but not a mention of getting her needed help. Her age, her every behavior over at least a year (the repeated pressing of her pendant, the phone calls, the change in behavior) points to dementia or a medical condition that causes confusion. Of course she believes that there’s not a thing wrong, because she doesn’t remember it! I know the UK sheltered housing system is different and it’s not meant to care for high acuity people, but shouldn’t the warden (the same ones whom the seniors were demonstrating about to save) pick up on her behavior over time and recommend either a move to a suitable home or facility, or appropriate care?

    Now where does she go after 28 years? On the streets? A woman who’s been through two world wars, happiness, tragedy, certainly has led a productive life….being labeled as “anti-social” because of something she cannot help. The callousness here is unbelievable. I hope the BBC and the press make something of this story.

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