Aberdeenshire's telecare Christmas cracker

Just in this morning, a press release from Aberdeenshire Council announcing the publication of the evaluation of their 18 month telecare project. It’s a cracker, in every sense of the word*.

The headline news is excellent: Out of 51 people referred to the project, 34 people benefited from an increase in their independence at home, 8 people managed to stay at home instead of entering into a care home, and in 6 cases an unplanned hospital admission was prevented.

No corny jokes, just some great gifts pop out when you download the 64 page report.

I have only had time yet to skim-read through it but I can see that the report contains information that should shake things up on the UK telecare scene. Telecare Aware readers will find their own significant elements, but of particular interest to me were comments about suppliers, their delivery times and relationship to end users, and observations on the NHS PASA National Framework Agreement.

Thank you, Aberdeenshire, and the researchers at the Robert Gordon University, for such a readable, informative and potentially explosive report! Press release: Benefits of homecare technology highlighted in report.

* Ok, ok, for non-Commonwealth readers who don’t get the Christmas cracker reference, see here.

1 thought on “Aberdeenshire's telecare Christmas cracker

  1. Steve,
    I really concur with your views on this one. An excellent report which is just what Telecare requires. An impartial, well written report that meets the needs of many Telecare managers. It is evidential without falling into the traps that other “impartial academic” reports fall into, ie understanding the limitations of the technology as well as the exectution of the technology and its result on the people that use it. Great stuff. The author should be congratulated.

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