A new mPERS entrant (US)

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Just announced is SurePod, an mPERS which uses M2M connectivity, two-way voice activated by a button and GPS tracking on a GSM network. It also has a small form factor (pendant or carried in the pocket) that could appeal. From the release, it appears the company is attempting to build a dealer network (no pricing or direct sales mentioned); however it could build credibility if its bare-bones website also presented the management team, testimonials, company news, as well as their real location address (not just ‘Silicon Valley’ in the release) and phone contact name, rather than the usual web form, so potential dealers could reach them. Release. Website


  1. Mike@Tech

    The ‘compare us’ page on the Surepod website is so so funny. Basically there is absolutely nothing on the market that comes close to it. Great table guys.