3millionlives: Whose idea was it?

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Who should we credit with coming up with the idea for the 3millionlives (3ML) campaign? For the sake of transparency we should know.

  • Was it you?
  • Have you heard someone claim it as their idea?
  • Were you in a meeting when someone said “I’ve an idea. What if…”

Think back. Were you there when the idea first emerged? Email editor Steve.


  1. Jo

    Here’s an opportunity for everyone to also tell us that it wasn’t them! If this campaign goes belly-up for lack of funding, for poor leadership or simply for giving the wrong message, people will be lining up to claim that they warned against it.
    So let me be the first to say that 3ML wasn’t my idea!

  2. Cathy

    … and as they like to say hereabouts … it wisnae me!

    … but then if the suggestion had been made hereabouts it would likely have been greeted with “It’s gonnie cost WHIT?”

    Hope that helps narrow the field a little?

  3. Steve Hards, Editor

    A great link UpNorthAndToTheRight, but I’m hoping Telecare Aware readers can dig a bit deeper than the public pronouncements that it’s a DH or Inellect initiative. Organisations do not have ideas, people do. Who inspired it?

    By the way, other readers might like to note that the whole article and all the comments make very interesting reading in hindsight.

  4. JH

    The Tunstalls CEO has claimed it was him numerous times, but he is that sort of ego. It might be interesting to ask him now for a direct response.

  5. UpNorthAndToTheRight

    Do we need to identify the individual? are we hoping to open a dialogue with them?

    Do we want to say ‘that’s him’ as we throw tomatoes at him or ‘that was her’ as her rotting corpse decomposes in a steel cage hanging from a tree outside of Newham, Kent or Cornwall?

    I think we can quite clearly see who the drivers are and we probably need to be more of a watchdog now (don’t think there’s a quango left to do it).

    Attempt to assist in steering any PCTs/LAs out there who appear to be heading for the technology rocks (or who are in danger of over filling their technology storage cupboards).

    Finger pointing is great but they usually only help inquests and inquiries – I’m much more of a preventative guy myself.

  6. Steve Hards, Editor

    @UpNorthAndToTheRight Comment6 “Do we need to identify the individual?” is a good question.

    It is not my intention that there should be tomato-throwing, or honour-bestowing, for that matter.

    To me, it is a question of provenance. 3ML is being badged as a DH initiative, supported by the four ‘industry bodies’. Companies have been putting funds into the campaign. But if they had been paying out £10,000 for an antique for the boardroom, do you not think they would want to know the provenance of the piece? They would want to know that it was the genuine article and had not originated in a back-street workshop.

    All I’m asking is what is the provenance of the 3ML idea? Was it the brainchild of a company CEO or was it a civil servant who may have to remain anonymous?

    When politics, commerce and people’s lives collide as they do in 3ML, provenance surely matters as much as in antiques?