3 thoughts on “30,000 alarms for NHS lone workers

  1. 30,000 alarms – how useful?
    As this device is just a standard mobile phone in a unique form. This does not allow for accurate location of the user, and uses cell based locations which varies a lot. Though any device is better than none. They best remember not to take into Intensive Care !

  2. NHS Lone working

    I agree it is a standard device, what is dissapointing is the NHS needs a range of devices and services to make sure they provide their employees with the best possible solution, they have not done this.

    What is more dissapointing, the budget could have been spent in a way to not only to provide the employees with the right device and service, but could also have funded a significant amount of elderly care, keeping these people at home and supporting the goverment initative. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this money go twice as far just with working with the right partners.

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