Remote monitoring + home health management = FBQ answers?

team with a large home health benefits management company which partners with health plans and providers. The two are Ohio-based VRI (telehealth and monitoring services) and CareCentrix (home nursing, infusion therapy and DME*).  Their relative size: VRI has 50,000 active clients, CareCentrix serves 10 million people through 5,000 home care providers. The contract provides additional services through VRI to CareCentrix to enhance home care and help reduce same-cause hospital readmissions (e.g. pilot with CIGNA). In providing comprehensive care in this context, this makes a great deal of strategic sense–and opens up what may be a very large door for VRI.  Release.

* [For non US readers, DME = ‘durable medical equipment’, which is roughly equivalent to ‘assistive technology’, ‘aids to daily living’ etc. but includes medically-related supplies like infusion pumps.]

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  1. mHealth Patient Education SMS Text Patient

    As a former official at WHO and USPHS Public Health Adviser that my attention is focusing on ePatientHealthCareMonitoring. The need for patient education in conjunction with electronic health records needs to be integrated. Fortech International seeks collaboration with companies serving the patients in health care facilities as well as at home. I welcome learning of your companies interest.

    [And the relevance of your comment is…?  Ed.Steve]

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