UK difficult sell to get tougher?

Before the UK’s public spending cuts saw away at their jobs and their scope for getting things done it looks like managers are bailing out of PCTs – and councils no doubt. Swathes of PCT managers already accepting redundancy from Healthcare Republic and Quarter of a million older people set to lose care from Community Care. Will this make it harder or easier to sell telehealth (as in the sense of remote patient monitoring) or telecare (as in remote event monitoring) to services in the UK? Leave your thoughts in a comment here.

1 thought on “UK difficult sell to get tougher?

  1. Finally a chance to get real?

    Public sector cuts are a fearsome thing … for those affected by reduced services and for those employees who have never worked in a commercial organisation.

    However if we plant our heads firmly in the sand, ostrich like, we leave a rather more tender part of our anatomy exposed for a good kicking?

    I have been fortunate to work in several different sectors so understand the realities of making a business case, looking for value for money and high quality services.

    These are challenging times – but challenges present opportunities; standards have to be raised and the easy option is no longer the easy option.

    The suppliers I deal with are aware that if they provide the most appropriate product the service user needs at a price the financial authoriser is able to pay we can do business … if they insist on trying to sell me bulk deals of equipment the service users do not need at prices the financial authoriser is not prepared to pay the business will be placed elsewhere. Tough financial decisions require higher levels of customer service to secure the business. Having found the higher level of customer service am I likely to migrate back? I don’t think so.

    Advantage Commissioners – disadvantage those that have had an easy time whilst the sector was awash with money?

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