Tunstall UK: change of leadership

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The news that Simon Arnold is now Tunstall’s UK and Ireland Managing Director is confirmed by changes to the management team listing on the website. (No press release yet, apparently). Jon Lowe, who was the MD since 2003, has scaled down his commitments to pursue other interests but continues with Tunstall as Strategic Partnership Director. Simon Arnold joins Tunstall from Aviva UK Health where he was the board member accountable for claims management and customer service operations and Aviva’s occupational health business.

Update Friday 19th: Simon Arnold’s bio moved to the Group Management web page.


  1. Jo

    Does this imply that the press release, when it eventually appears, will contain some more significant industry news?

  2. Steve Hards, Editor

    Hi Jo, Who knows? Most companies like to ‘big up’ a new person at the top with a press release, even though the news may not actually be very significant. I just thought it interesting that Tunstall, not known for being shy of producing press releases, hadn’t done so.