Times Online Health: smartphones r doc in poc

The (UK) Times Online Health goes a bit over the top with the lead (smartphones are a long way from being a ‘doctor in your pocket’) and subhead (‘Will we all become iPho-chondriacs?’), but otherwise it’s a lively, current consumer-oriented overview of how diverse, powerful and versatile applications, programs and online resources have become for mobile health.  Plenty of real world examples from the sublime (Zoll Medical’s Pocket CPR, WaveSense’s Diabetes Manager, the first aid information online that saved a trapped and injured Haiti quake victim) to the ridiculous (Acneapp, which uses phone light to kill bacteria).  It’s also a decent business article highlighting developing technology (Gentag’s wearable sensors, Proteus Biomedical’s chip pills)–‘a market worth billions’ to Michael Reilly of Orange, an outcome devoutly to be wished.   Why your phone is now the doctor in your pocket