ExpressScripts testing GlowCaps

Express Scripts, the major pharmacy benefit manager, is nationally testing the Vitality GlowCaps medication reminder system, with a small test in April and a larger test this summer with patients using cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure drugs.  Their objective is to see not only if GlowCaps improves compliance, but also learning how and why patients take—or fail to take—medication based on the information that GlowCaps records and also via a telephone reminder and interactive menu that prompts for feedback on side effects and if the patient has run out.  There’s a bit of snark in the article (the caps lights and ‘arpeggios’ are ‘insistent’ and ‘annoying’) but a few of the comments on the website are even more so.  (Who knew that these were ‘big brother’ in pill bottle form?).  ‘Beep! It’s your medicine nagging you’–Wall Street Journal