Telecare monitoring overnight care for people with learning disabilities (UK)

The Just Checking system is widely known and used in the UK for short term monitoring of people with dementia, etc. to help determine the appropriate level of care but there is an increasing awareness that it can also be useful in houses for people with learning disabilities, particularly where (expensive) sleep-in night cover is provided. There are some new case studies on the Just Checking website if you dig around. A particularly interesting one is represented by a 15 minute video from a seminar. It features managers from Warrington Borough Council explaining how they used the data to create a new service format – an overnight response service – that produced additional benefits and savings. Watch the video on this web page: Efficiencies and Service Improvement in Supported Living If you cannot spare 15 minutes, use the navigation on the right to start at the section on the overnight response service. You might then find yourself going back to watch the whole thing.

Disclosure: Just Checking has been a TA advertiser.

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  1. Oxfordshire County Council have been using MyAmego in a similar way since May 2010 with some significant outcomes for users and the NHS Ridgeway care provision team.

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