Sproxil now IBM Global Entrepreneur participant

Updated 2 Feb

[Ed. Donna note: We do take comments from our readers (see below) very seriously, especially when we’re asked to check our facts! Needless to say this initiated a cross-check with both IBM Global Communications (Tim Willeford) and with Sproxil’s PR representative (Amanda Sina Griffith of Bumble PR) on the release information. The revised headline and article below incorporates their answers and I apologize for any confusion. Thanks to Tim and Amanda for being so responsive!]

Sproxil, the drug anti-counterfeiting SMS-driven system (text a unique code on the drug packet and instantly confirm that it is genuine; TA 2 Dec), was named a 2011 IBM Global Entrepreneur company. This followed their win in IBM’s June 2010 SmartCamp Boston and their honorable mention in the November World Finals. In the US, IBM has increased support of their entrepreneur programs to $150 million, which expands the activities of Global Entrepreneur, the SmartCamps initiative, the IBM Innovation Centers, academic initiatives and Centers of Excellence. For companies like Sproxil, this opens doors to mentoring, skill development, software technical support, introduction to various parts of IBM’s business lines and collaboration with the academic and venture capital communities. This year, IBM is also a founding member of the Startup America initiative led by the White House. IBM release.

3 thoughts on “Sproxil now IBM Global Entrepreneur participant

  1. You should cross-check your stories properly and not misinform your readers. The companies obtaining the funding shall be selected by StartUpAmerica this year. No decision has been made. Sproxil has already benefited from IBM mentoring through the Smartcamp program. They have not been awarded any funds by IBM. That decision will be taken by StartUpAmerica.

    [Hi Gyen, Our item does not say that Sproxil has Startup America program funding. The IBM press release that our item points to implies that Sproxil has gained funding from IBM through its Global Entrepreneur program. It also states, as an aside, that IBM is participating in the Startup America program. Ed Steve]

  2. Hi Ed the release in fact does not say that Sproxil has gained any funding, unless you are referring to another release than the one attached. I’m interested only because I cover the mHealth space and one of the challenges is the difficulties project have in scaling because of resources so I jumped straight to look only to find out that this was not the case.

    [Hmm… The more we read the release, the more ambiguous it looks! We will see if any of our IBM contacts can clarify it. Ed. Steve]

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