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Our readers might like to be aware of the following note, which has just been added to the page regarding advertising on Telecare Aware.

“Unlike some other websites, we do not publish press releases per se – we publish news and may link to a press release that explains that news. Therefore, while we are pleased to receive press releases directly, and will link to them on your website, we are unlikely to report on information that we believe is not ‘news’ of interest to our readers. This generally means we will not be reporting on press releases containing ‘announcement’ material such as:

  • You have routinely acquired a new customer or distributor/reseller
  • You have redesigned your website
  • You are going to present, or have presented, at a conference

Please also note that press releases with ‘news’ that we have to unhype first, or ‘studies’ and ‘research’ which lack basic objectivity and methodology are unlikely to gain a place on the site – unless we want to use them as bad examples, which we have done from time to time.”

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    I am a keen reader of TA and support your stand.

    [Thanks. We appreciate your support! Ed. Steve]

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