1. Anon

    Has there been some strange 10 year delay in the issuing of this Press Release?
    That’s the only reason that I can think of for the launch of a service that is so “not new” – and with no link to a website showing the very latest technology and a service that it fully accredited to the latest standards.

  2. Apart from featuring the latest Tynetec equipment the whole web site seems strangely old fashioned and rather amateur which is why I did not give the announcement much space. The site also includes many references to ‘careline’. Of course, the Hampshire-based careline is TSA-accredited CarelineUK

    I apologise for not checking it out further before posting – one tends to assume that press releases are relevant to the date they are posted. Perhaps some explanation will emerge.

  3. Mark

    Looking a bit deeper into the site, there appear to be connections with Supra, or their keysafe installers may be being used to put the alarms in. The application highly recommends the new C500 keysafe. I wonder who the owners/directors of this company might be??

  4. Cathy

    Despite claims that they are offering ” … the UK’s most sophisticated personal careline alarm service, with the ability to cover all 23 million homes in the UK” [i](would some one share how that will look in terms of person centred? and why would all 23 million homes in the UK want a dispersed alarm system?)[/i] they appear to offer a very basic dispersed alarm system without any option to add passive alerts.

    Value for money? well it is more costly than our responder service, but telecare24 doesn’t offer a response and with no passive alerts.

    The FAQ on the website are interesting too – particularly liked the vague answer about wearing the pendant in the bath. [i]… most pendants are waterproof and you will be told if your is on installation …[/i]

    So I think “sophisticated” is perhaps over egging it somewhat. This appears to be about high volume call handling and less about care. From what I see to date not a place I would be recommending anyone to go.

    As to the directors – not difficult to find out with 10 minutes and an Internet connected PC – all in the public domain when one knows where to look.

    Telecare24 website gives a company registration number for Silvercall UK Ltd as the registered company that owns it. The Directors of that company both appear to have a telecoms background and several directorships, and one of them owns the aids to daily living site (Silvercare UK Ltd) which is shown as a link on Telecare24.