4 thoughts on “Maddison Darby: telecare hero (UK)

  1. Very nice story, potential Crystal Award this year?

    On a different note however, the use of the term Telecare for an alarm and pendant really annoys me. A pendant alarm is NOT Telecare, however, it seems over the years this re-branding of alarms suits not only the supplier but the monitoring centres who provide. when Telecare first came into use, it was the sensors that were classed as Telecare and in order to class a package as being a Telecare packages, it had to be an alarm with 2 or more sensors programmed in. Nowadays, the term has been ambushed to allow services to claim more Telecare connections than they actually have.

  2. Thanx for the comments. My little hero is seven tomorrow and still my saving grace. Hoping now to save up so I can get her to meet her favourite boy band or at least see them in concert. She’s one direction mad.

  3. Kelly – many thanks for the update! It’s great to hear that you and Maddison are doing well! it is a pity that the local paper link to the story no longer works.

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