Epilepsy sensor request

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I have received the following request for information from a reader. I’ve drawn a blank. Please respond by leaving a comment if you can help.

She says: “Does anyone know of an epilepsy monitor for a young lady who has tonic-clonic fits whose mother wishes to be able to monitor her from other rooms in the house? The young lady is in a profiling bed (hospital style bed with electric high/low and electric back rest and knee brace). I understand that we would need an epilepsy sensor pad/monitor BUT it would have to be compatible with a profiling bed and I am having difficulties locating a suitable one.”


  1. Karen Messruther

    I’ve successfully used a Medpage sensor from EasylinkUK, which has a little plastic box rather than a pad as the sensor. We taped it in position onto the bed base slat and this worked fine. The person did lie flat to sleep though, with the profiling mechanism only used for recovery after the seizure.