XTend and Vocollect hit a low spot

Many press releases in this field are self-aggrandising and/or bland beyond bearing, but the following two hit an all time low of incompetence verging on farce.

The first, by diabetes-monitoring company XTend has the subheading ‘Company Begins Telemedicine Program With U.K. University’. The body of the press release, which is just an Xtended advertisement, completely omits to refer to the university, let alone name it!

The second, by Vocollect Healthcare Systems, attributes the following to its President, James Quasey:

“Facilities in long-term care will benefit from the partnership between our two organizations by having the ability to customize the best solution to support facility-wide, resident-centered services at the point-of-care. For TeleHealth Services, the strategic relationship empowers the company to productively evolve according to the changing needs of its customer base, which is a perfect complement to its customer service-based mission.”

As I’m much to charitable to believe that Mr Quasey really talks like that, I assume it was a quote written by a copy writer with a reverse-plain-English button on his or her word processor, and that someone else approved it.