Weekend reading: Qualcomm's Don Jones on insurers going wireless, startup opportunities, LifeComm

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Brian Dolan’s interview with Don Jones, VP Healthcare of Qualcomm, at the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit in London earlier this week is a longer read for your weekend.  No bombshells but touching on many points interesting to us.  First, insurers may be creeping closer to using technology to develop a relationship with their (end user) customers, with some products being sponsored by insurers that are more advanced than the simple locator apps you’re seeing now [Highmark, TA 20 Aug., moving out of endless testing also devoutly to be wished. Ed. Donna] The necessity of ‘bending the cost curve’ (saving money) and creating customer touchpoints (jargon alert);  and the virtues of adding an established component (e.g. PERS) to increase perceived value and retail price (e.g. the restaged LifeComm). And just in case you meet Don Jones at a party or event–it’s ‘wireless health’ in Qualcomm-land, not ‘mobile’. Why? Read here…Mobihealthnews.