What healthcare would do if it were responsible for reform (US)

At last week’s Mayo Clinic Transform conference, multiple brainstorming and ‘crowdsourcing’ sessions, led by members of GE’s Healthymagination team, asked participants their ideas on making healthcare better. Onto nearly 12 whiteboards appeared multicolored Post-It® notes. The GEHC team then distilled these down to 71 ideas centered around the following, according to MedCityNews‘ Chris Seper: “if people were told things correctly, taught things properly and medicine was compensated for the things that made people healthier, America would be transformed”. Some are sensible (nurses as patient advocates), some are political (malpractice premium reduction, tax fast food), some are just kind of ‘say wot?’ (naps). 71 out-of-the-box ideas the healthcare industry would consider if it controlled reform