West Wireless Health Institute's 'evolution'

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A short article from the San Diego edition of Xconomy that’s making a few waves: CEO Don Casey’s recasting of the West Wireless Health Institute from ‘accelerating wireless health innovations, technology incubation, advocacy and education’ to, according to the article, of ‘a more pronounced mission to lower the cost of healthcare’. Casey insists it’s a change of emphasis to being an independent ‘honest broker’ and sponsor of policy-oriented events. Observers note that Qualcomm is no longer listed as a founding sponsor and is off the board, there are now 58 employees from six just a year ago, and several high-profile names have departed (and joined). Notably, Gary and Mary West solely fund the WWHI from a $100 million endowment and now accept no corporate sponsorships. West Wireless Health Institute distances itself from Qualcomm, seeks to recast its role.