Walgreens Ready Response medical alert system TV campaign

Further nudging telecare into public awareness in the US, American Medical Alert Corp (AMAC) has announced the launch of a new Walgreens Ready Response television campaign “aimed to support the growing acceptance of remote monitoring technologies amongst family caregivers and seniors alike.” The television campaign features a new tagline: “Endorsed by Grandchildren Everywhere.” The first round of television spots focuses on “shifting the traditional product category messaging from one of people in distress to showcasing the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren along with how the system reflects seniors’ independent spirit.” The campaign is to be tested on national cable as well as in key spot broadcast markets to coincide with Walgreens chain-wide store signage distribution.

[I don’t see where the ‘medical alert’ branding comes in – it looks like a plain old panic button alarm to me.]

Read the whole press release here.

Walgreens Ready Response website.