Three new products and a pointer to the future?

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Quick round-up of three items:

Honeywell HomMed’s Genesis Touch: More item on Honeywell’s latest product which “offers enhanced mobility so users can manage their healthcare wherever they are and thanks to tamper-proof interfaces, it provides a smooth, safe and secure experience for the user. With the tablet based on an open development platform, it also allows third-parties to continue to expand the application and service offering.” Press release.

American Well Online Care Suite 6.0: ‘Telehealth’ as in defined more broadly than, but including, remote monitoring. Doesn’t it sound like they are using the Genesis Touch? Press release.

Numera Introduces New Personal Health Home Hub: “No computer required, HealthPort offers a low cost personal health gateway supporting a broad range of wireless and “direct to cloud” telehealth. HealthPort will provide telehealth connectivity for virtually any patient, transmitting personal health information through cellular networks, home broadband, digital or analog phone lines.” Press release.

Microsoft tests ‘smart home’ waters with HomeOS: “HomeOS is designed to provide a central hub through which various household devices can be controlled…Microsoft is seeking to overcome the problem of getting various, currently incompatible devices to communicate with each other.” GizMag item.