Two from TANN

A couple of items from the Canada and Ireland Telecare Aware News Network (TANN) sites – see right hand sidebar for links – that should be more widely known:

  • Ireland’s telehealth ‘Home Sweet Home’ project: The Irish Examiner reports how Bosch’s Health Buddy technology, already credited with helping to save two lives in a recent pilot project in County Louth, is now being introduced into the ‘Home Sweet Home’ project. Sixty houses in the county will be fitted with interactive touchscreens, allowing people with acute conditions to be monitored interactively in their own homes. [Toni Bunting]
  • Nursing healing touch administered virtually: Professor Antonia Arnaert, McGill University School of Nursing, has spent 20 years researching and designing telehealth nursing services for different groups of patients based on technology including smart phones and videoconferencing to help cancer patients, the elderly, and those coping with chronic diseases…Her research has led to the development of software for an integrated interactive telehealth platform. Thanks to a series of questions that she developed for a number of common diseases, the software is able to alert care nurses to the need to check in on a patient. More. [Jocelyne Picot]