Transforming Your Care: Minister's speech (Northern Ireland)

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At a conference on Transforming Your Care, the Review of Health and Social Care, Mr Poots, Northern Ireland’s Minister for the Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety, highlighted the Telemonitoring NI Service that was launched last year [after years of faffing about under his predecessor, which he didn’t mention] as an example of how services will change much of their focus away from hospitals and towards people’s homes. He also said “Transformation will not be straight forward. It never is. It requires fundamental changes to the way we deliver and configures services. The Review envisaged a five-year timescale to put a new model in place. However let me be absolutely clear. Anyone who might imagine that we are four or five years away from fundamental change is gravely mistaken. Much of the change must happen at a very early stage. The public must be able to see and feel change within months, not years. If our health service does not feel considerably different by the end of this year, we will already have failed.” Release from the NI Government.