'Tis the season…why healthcare marketers should be thankful

It’s been a year of tumult in healthcare, particularly in the US but also in UK with budget cutbacks. While the eHealth skies have been brightening, it’s been a time when many of us have felt a bit out on the sidelines, itching to get in, or on the platform waiting for the train to come in. (analogies/off) Chris Bevolo, a healthcare marketer from the agency side, reminds us of why we got into this in the first place. Although his blog post was for Thanksgiving, and he wrote it more for hospital marketers, it’s applicable to right now and the rest of us [Ed. Donna’s comments are in festive green]:

  1. You work in an industry that helps people and saves lives
  2. The number of tools you can use to communicate with the people who need your organization’s services has increased exponentially [for good or ill as we prioritize and sort out the real ROI of much of it]
  3. You’re being held accountable for your results. [Not a foreign notion for those of us from other industries surely?]
  4. Leadership is focusing more and more on brand building and the patient experience [devoutly wished to be so, and not just on the tech ‘whiz-bang’; they are our customers far more than ‘patients’]
  5. 2010 is about to join 2009 — in our rear-view mirror.

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