Telemedicine and mobile IT mobilized for Haiti relief

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Following up on today’s story on telemedicine in use for Haiti’s medical relief, Neil Versel in today’s FierceHealthIT profiles Randy Roberson of Arizona-based HELP (Humanitarian Emergency Logistics & Preparedness) and Disaster Logistics.  He’s waiting to enter Haiti with everything from a “Bring ‘Em Back Pack” –a 25-pound, solar-powered, medical backpack with telemedicine connectivity to Stateside specialists–to a mobile medical clinic equipped with a satellite audio/video link, digital stethoscopes, a pulse oximeter, basic ultrasound equipment, Internet access and basic EMRs.  But there’s more: a 20-foot shipping container known as the “Doc-in-a-Box”.  As of today, slots for his and their transport were to be determined. Article.

His column on sister website FierceMobileHealthcare covers everything from text messaging fundraising by the American Red Cross and UNICEF to iSEEK Medical donating 20% of this month’s Medical Mobile sales to Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and will make free medical information on iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm smartphones available to physicians in Haiti and other emergency response areas.  Article. iSEEK release.