Telemedicine in Chronic Care: Sananet Results from the Netherlands

Interesting post (including video – Dutch commentary) about the use of the Bosch/Health Hero Health Buddy in the Netherlands. Bear in mind that the blog is that of Steve Brown, founder of the Health Hero Network but now on the board of directors of Agile Sports Technologies and BillionLights Foundation.

Headline Sananet results are:

  • 30% reduction in hospitalization for heart failure patients in a telemedicine study from the University of Maastricht
  • Reduction in length of hospital stay for COPD patients from 13 days to 9 days on average in a telemedicine study from the University of Utrecht
  • In diabetes patients with an HbA1c of 8% or higher, a reduction in HbA1c of 1.5% compared to 0.6% in the control group in a study in Almere

Actually, his ‘About’ page is as interesting as the blog post.