AT&T enters 'telehealth', sort of

AT&T is joining the party–late–with early-stage prototypes for what’s termed in this article the ‘telehealth industry’.  The first prototype (photo and extremely limited explanation) is a laser micro projector adjunct device that works with a smartphone to illustrate diagrams, X-rays and MRIs on any surface.  ‘Smart slippers’ with pressure sensors in the sole that tie into gait analysis and alerting to doctors (!) are highlighted (have we seen these before?)  More developments are alluded to but not presented, a big letdown from the headline.  The rest of the article is a mashup of PWC and Frost & Sullivan quotes, ‘the government’s making us go digital’ quote from the CIO of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center for the local angle, the usual ‘we’ll consider it but we don’t reimburse for it’ from a major state health insurer (Horizon BCBS), plus the usual musings on the high cost ($100 per month per patient quoted) and unproven ROI. The writer confuses the Federal push to hospital/medical practice EMRs with telehealth, along with the statement that the government’s going to pour $6 billion into telehealth.  News to us!  NJ Star-Ledger article.