Telecare LIN March 2012 newsletter published (UK)

The 24 page Telecare LIN March 2012 newsletter is out, with its usual comprehensive coverage of recent events and extensive list of links to news items such as:

  • the recent King’s Fund International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare
  • further updates on the government’s Three Million Lives initiative
  • The Assisted Living Innovation showcase event in Bristol
  • a new network for telehealth integration and interoperability and
  • the AKTIVE Project which is looking for participants to join focus groups.

This month there is also a 19 page supplement providing links to journal articles published in 2011.

Download links can be found here.

In a new development, the Telecare LIN website is offering an automatically updated page of the Twitter Stream relating to telecare and telehealth, etc. You do not need to register on Twitter and it is accessible to organisations not able to connect directly to social media. Scan this rigorously every day and you will become very well informed. You will also begin to appreciate the filtering your TA editors do!