Telecare Aware News Network (TANN) goes live

Categories: Latest News.

The first of the Telecare Aware News Network (TANN) sites – for ‘local’ news – are getting underway, and congratulations to the contributing editors for Ireland and England which have got off to a flying start with their first posts! You will find links in the right sidebar. Not listed at the moment are other places from which there have been expressions of interest, but editors are not confirmed – Norway, France and California.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice ‘Rising Countries’ on the list. At the moment we think there are some countries in Africa, Asia and South America that will have relevant news from time to time, but not have enough content to create a country site – yet. So ‘Rising Countries’ is the site we are creating for them. We will see how it works out. We are looking for more people to support the current editor with item-spotting.

If you would like to join the volunteer editors – come on, Scotland! – read this post.