Sensor-linked mPERS announced (US)

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SecuraTrac, a developer of several M2M, GPS, social media (!) and smartphone-based safety systems, has linked its SecuraFone smartphone app to body sensors developed by newcomer Vital Connect for a release later this year. SecuraFone Health connects to a single Vital Connect three-day adhesive sensor placed on chest or back which then provides data on possible falls, heart rate and respiration rate changes. (“Other key vitals” are not defined.) The smartphone app then alerts the wearer, caregivers etc. Interesting concept, but to Editor Donna, the likelihood of someone with these conditions applying (especially on the back!) and consistently wearing an adhesive sensor depends on comfort, ability to apply and appearance–appearance which we can only guess at, since Vital Connect surprisingly has no pictures of their sensors on their website. Release. mHIMSS article.