Senior housing: get on the technology bus or be thrown under it

Andrew Carle of George Mason University (Virginia), who founded their senior housing administration program and has been a leading voice in integrating technology into senior housing, makes some offers that housing execs shouldn’t refuse to save labor, time and money: EMRs, iPads/PDAs and robots to do heavy lifting; and using that technology to extend services into homes for those who don’t need or want assisted living facilities. Harnessing the potential of technology in senior living facilities (Senior Housing News) But it’s the inertia, you know. Laurie Orlov, in linking to this article, makes some pointed points of her own re providing high speed internet access for all (wire up the place!), connecting the generations through video chat/Skype, moving to mobile PERS (GreatCall and MobileHelp mentioned), med dispensing (again) and shared Kindle Readers in the library. Five consumer technologies that should be in every senior housing unit