Roundup of good and bad news items

Flagstaff hospital using remote patient monitoring Good one from the Washington Examiner (US).

Should nurses be at the forefront of telehealth? Good one in The Guardian, by David Barrett.

Why telehealth will transform care of Kent’s patients Good one from Kent (UK) which is quietly (these days) getting on with its telehealth mainstreaming.

Telecare charging plan dropped Good news from the Orkneys (UK).

Help at touch of a button scheme to be expanded Good news from Doncaster (UK).

Cumbria council defends its Careline funding axe Bad news from Cumbria (UK).

Wardens could be axed in sheltered housing Good or bad, depending on your perspective. Newcastle (UK).

No plans for telehealth in prisons Most abysmal Ministerial statement of the past few years. That Paul Burstow got away without being struck down by a thunderbolt is the best arguement for the non existence of a deity! (UK).