Project E-vita links RTX telehealth monitor data with electronic patient record

Isle of Man-based electronic patient record (EPR) company EvaWare has moved the goalposts for telehealth companies that rely on the manual transfer of telehealth monitoring data into patient records. Its ‘Project E-vita’ takes data from monitors via the RTX hub, and patient’s answers to personally designed questions and instantly updates the patient’s EPR. It then automatically sends the clinician an email or SMS text alert if predetermined clinical thresholds have been breached.

For clinicians, the benefits would seem to be significant: the EvitaWare EPR is comprehensive and web browser-based; Bluetooth-enabled RTX hub will take data from any sensor source; the system can be configured remotely and, with the automatic monitoring, it looks like the set-up-and-forget system that physicians involved in telehealth developments have wanted for years.

More information: Project E-vita website; EvaWare press release; Telecare Aware Useful Sites Page; Search for RTX information on Telecare Aware.