Prescribing and 'vetting' medical apps (US)

‘Trusted sourcing’ of healthcare apps got a double boost when Happtique, an online mHealth application ‘store’ backed by GNYHA Ventures, announced plans to roll out a ‘mRx’ program which would allow physicians and hospitals to ‘prescribe’ health apps to patients. This summer’s two-month pilot plans to enroll about 100 physicians across the country who will prescribe mHealth apps suggested by Happtique, although they can add others not in Happtique’s 13,000 app, 300 category catalogue. Depending on the OS, the app can be sent directly from the doctor via mRX or (if iOS) directions via email to the Apple AppStore. With mRx putting the catalogue to work, Happtique is also developing guidelines for vetting apps. These are presently being developed by an advisory panel to certify the app is free from malware, secure, that it does what the developer claims and it comes from a reliable source. The actual certification will be done by physicians in the pertinent specialty. Both worth following up if you’ve got apps that fit this profile. InformationWeek Healthcare.

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