Major UK telecare provider gets boost from Roman goddess

Yesterday Alertacall announced that Eldercare, the community alarm provider of Help the Aged, is the first strategic partner for its new Pellonia service.

The Ancient Romans were practical people, and the story is that they looked to the goddess Pellonia to help them avert mischief and danger and to drive away their enemies. She was therefore considered appropriate to represent a system designed to enhance telecare services.

So how does today’s Pellonia help? She’s It’s a managed system that enables organisations to:

  • Offer their own brand of safety confirmation service (check end-user safety each day)
  • Send automated appointment and medication reminders
  • Improve mobile worker safety, location and management
  • Co-ordinate operator reassurance calls
  • Send automated mass telephone messages to clients

Perhaps unlike her Roman counterpart whose origins are rather obscure, the modern Pellonia has a known pedigree: it has developed out of Alertacall’s own need to automate features of its service. It appears that it will be easy to integrate into current services because organisations do not have to install any new software or manage the technology. This is done by the Pellonia team and is accessed securely by the service provider’s staff over the internet.

Owing to Pellonia’s scalability, Eldercare, as an official strategic partner, says it is ready to provide other alarm services with a range of complementary telecare and other monitoring services based on the Pellonia system. Chris Hopkinson, Director of Eldercare, is quoted as saying “Pellonia is an obvious choice for Eldercare. With it we can provide several new services to our clients and manage some of our own processes – for example mobile worker safety – with greater ease and efficiency.”

Read the Pellonia press release and/or visit the website. SeniorLink Eldercare website.

[At last, something genuinely new on the telecare scene! By the way, I think the press release doesn’t do justice to the significance of this development. Is there anything else around that gives traditional alarm providers extensive scope to develop new revenue-generating services – with half of the work done for them – which they can sell to new and existing clients, and which has the potential to generate cost savings at the same time?]

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