NYY incredible telehealth satisfaction survey results (UK)

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see how the bias to positive answers is introduced from the wording of the first question onwards – never mind the unknowable bias introduced by the staff (from Tunstall Response?) who undertook the phone surveys. Even so, 28% of respondents are recorded as saying “no” to the question “Do you feel telehealth have [sic] benefited your partner/family?? [sic]

So that’s 24% who would recommend it despite not perceiving any benefit. Where’s that famous Yorkshire skepticism? Or maybe it’s the famous Yorkshire sense of humour coming through? Or, to be charitable, perhaps it’s just too amateurish a survey, reported too enthusiastically?

You’d think that, with their combined resources, NHS North Yorkshire and York and survey co-conductors Tunstall Response would have sought to get a properly constructed survey designed and professionally delivered. But then, in order to get some statistically meaningful results, they might want to wait a few years while more than 10% of the telehealth kit NYY bought a year ago gets put to use.