New collaborations of note: BeClose/Ankota; Healthsense/Meru Networks (US)

  • BeClose and AnkotaBeClose is a remote wireless sensor-based telecare system targeted to the home self-install market and based on home security technology. Ankota provides technology that helps to organize and integrate home care for home care agencies, DME (durable medical equipment), respiratory and infusion care providers. Based on the release, what Ankota appears to do for families using BeClose is to monitor when a caregiver is in the home and the use of digital monitors when they are not, thus giving a picture of patients who are aging in place, disabled, or recovering, but without 24-hour personal care. Ankota release.
  • Healthsense and Meru Networks: This comprises an extremely interesting development for any company using remote monitoring technology in community/facility settings. One of the key problems of implementing monitoring systems in facilities or dispersed communities is reliability and security in connectivity and communications. In addition, facilities have layers of older, incompatible systems in various states of functionality. Adding another system can be a ‘bridge too far.’ How can a relative newcomer like Healthsense (1) get across and (2) integrate themselves into a facility update of their resident safety and monitoring systems? This white paper from Meru is a case study of how Healthsense positioned themselves with its PERs+ and nurse call systems parts of their service suite at Maple Knoll Village in Ohio. The latter had already adopted Meru Networks’ enterprise Wi-Fi ‘virtual cell’ standard which, from this white paper, made the implementation an easy fit. One thinks that Healthsense and Meru will be working together in the future. White paper (Ed. Donna note: the first page of the PDF does not load properly, at least for me)